EQUNet transition

EQUNet shutdown

The founder and main operator of the IRC network EQUNet, EQU, has decided to shut down the EQUNet IRC network. We're saddened to see EQUNet go, but to help in the transition we've agreed to redirect all EQUNet traffic to B2IRC servers.

B2IRC and EQUNet have a lot of shared history. EQUNet offered us a hand in testing out our new ircu+Lain patch when it was being actively developed. On the other hand, B2IRC has long been using the Oer bot to provide services. Oer was developed by EQU on EQUNet.

All the staff of B2IRC would like to thank EQU for his considerable contributions to the IRC community as a whole. We had a fun time working together and hope him all the best.

Information for EQUNet users

To all users of EQUNet, we here at B2IRC hope to provide you with any kind of assistance you may require. Please visit us on #opers with any questions or comments you may have. We'll try our best to make this transition work in the best possible way.

In case of connection troubles, you may also connect to #opers via web access.

equnet.org redirections

A number of redirections have been set to help with the transition from EQUNet irc addresses to B2IRC. Please however note that these redirections are temporary and will only work until the end of 2011. Please change your settings accordingly within this transition timetable.

All EQUNet IRC server addresses are forwarded to the main B2IRC round-robin. In most cases, you only need to set your irc server address to irc.b2irc.net. Please visit the Servers page if you'd prefer to choose which server to connect to.

EQUNet lopettaa - lyhyesti suomeksi

EQUNet IRC-verkon perustaja EQU on päättänyt lakkauttaa verkon. Olemme sopineet EQUNetin palveluiden ohjauksesta B2IRCiin. Equnet.org irc-osoitteet ohjaavat B2IRCin vastaaviin palveluihin.

Tarjoamme apua myös suomeksi kanavalla #opers. Pääset kanavalle myös web-sivun kautta.